How To Choose The Best Preschool for Your Little One?

A good dose of tips for all the parents across the country who are walking in the stage wherein choosing a preschool for their children is the major concern of their life.Relax!Ticking on a preschool for your little ones is not as tough as applying for an advanced degree but yes, parents need to be very careful while choosing the same. Being prepared with the set of requirements you are looking for will make the process more quick and efficient.Let’s look into the checklist with right set of tips and suggestions you can use when choosing the best possible pre Nursery school for your children.TIP 1Before even making a list of the preschools you are going to visit, first think on below questions with a definite answer.

  • Is it important for the preschool to be near your home?
  • Is it important for the preschool to have well infrastructure taking safety measures in concern?
  • Is it important for the preschool to have creative thinking and play activities in mid of learning classes?
  • Is it important for the preschool to have low turnover rate for staff members?
  • Is it important for the preschool to have clean and safe surroundings?

These thoughts need to be clear with a score for each out of 10, which will help; you narrow down the options of preschools you must be researching on. Lesser the option, more easy the process of comparing will be.

TIP 2Fixing on a preschool with the information you could grab on Google while sitting in the comfort of your home won’t be a good idea as one will never get to know “will my child fit in this preschool?”

It’s better to take reviews from your neighbors about the options you have considered, consult the people you trust for quality recommendations.


Don’t forget to pay a visit to each option you have narrowed down to, as it will help you know more about the infrastructure of the preschool. Take a stroll in the washrooms of the school to see whether they are well maintained and clean.

Focus on how play areas have been organized and look on whether they have enough toys and books for the children. Decorations and supplies should be at a child’s reach level and labeled with words in order to expose kids to letters and numbers.

Tip 4

Focus on how the teaching staff is interacting with your child during the visit plays a major role as in end; those staff members will only be building the ladder of initial learning in your child’s mind. As a toddler, your child is wholly dependent on the school staff to be looked after so look at:

  • Are they sweet to the children?
  • Are they able to connect or engage the kids in the activities?
  • Does your child seem happy while interacting with them?
  • Does the environment feel safe for your child?

Though it’s not an easy task to evaluate the behavior of teaching staff in first visit but a conversation with them would be enough to make your decision.


Beside the learning classes, more of play activities should be there to help your child grow and develop creative thinking in them.Physical activities besides promoting well-being also keep the child active. Regular exposure to such activities is very much essential for the development of a child.

Tip 6

Don’t be in a hurry during your visit and observe the setting of the school very carefully and mainly look at the syllabi the school follow with the kind of activities they get the child indulged in.


Not only the teaching staff but the director of school also needs to be approached. Though he/she won’t take participate in daily activities with the child but how committed he/she is to the overall development of the preschool matters to a great extent. Find out what vision he/she carries to make the bright future of children.


Try to approach the parents of those who are already studying in the school you are looking in and ask about the precautions they took while deciding preschool for their children.


If the schools you have opted for your child provides mid-day meals make sure that it is hygienic and well nutritious. Look into the meals they serve and pre-meal routine they follow? Short sessions of snacks give the children chance to socialize with each other.

TIP 10

Last but not the least, convenience of location is also one of the major factors while deciding on the preschool for your little one. To the maximum, it should be 15 minutes’ drive from your home as a child who has to spend hours in the car or bus to reach the preschool, either he/she becomes cranky or antsy to learn.Take the decision very carefully as it is going to either make or break your child’s preschool experience.

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