Importance of outdoor activities for growing children

Excessive use of technology, unsafe neighborhoods, home-tutors for every subject, busy working parents are pushing little kids to inappropriate way of living while taking away their time to play outdoors.

Much of children’s daily lives are spent indoors and they hardly get time to play outside but have you ever wondered about the benefits outdoor activities serve to your child’s healthy wellbeing. Exposure to outdoor play can positively shape the personality of your kids while giving impetus to their creativity and imagination.

  • Outdoor sports like cricket, football, hockey, etc. helps children work on their physical abilities and strengthen the muscles. It also helps in the overall development of fine and gross motor skills. Little kids start to find their own talents- how fast I can run, how well I can balance, how high I can swing.
  • Outdoor play gives your child an opportunity to connect with nature and explore its variants. How do plants grow and budding flowers look like? What’s the difference between texture of tree trunk and a small stem? How does mud feel? How the whole nature works? Theory behind all these can easily be learned in classrooms but learning it in the natural environment is more effective and certainly super-fun. A healthy interaction with nature also enables little kids to get lots of fresh air and pep up their spirits.
  • Children who productively involve in outdoor games are more likely to become risk-takers and adventure lovers in their adulthood. They learn to challenge themselves by pushing their limitations and coming out of the comfort zone. Physical exercise is also needed to sort the growing problem of obesity in young children.
  • Your kid’s social skills and competencies will be blossomed while playing with other children in the park. Playing in groups gives your children a chance to grow as mature individuals as they learn to handle winning-losing scenario. Qualities like leadership and co-operation are also developed.
  • A little sunshine does no harm. Even just a few minutes of sun exposure a day can help increase your kid’s Vitamin D level whose deficiency may cause Rickets. A good dose of Vitamin D keeps symptoms of diabetes and heart ailments at bay as being outside in nature makes one feel more alive.

In this modern age where children are so tech savvy, it might be challenging for parents to take your child away from television and computer games but make sure that your little ones spend at least an hour playing outside every day. It isn’t any big task, just take your child to nearby local park or a playground. Kids feel more enthusiastic and energetic in open spaces. Let them be free and discover the nature.

Outdoor play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.

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